Edition 2022

A World of 8 Billion Cities: urban evolution between activism and technological innovations.
From city making to “citizens making.”

Amanda Burden, Edward Glaeser, Liam Young, MIT Media Lab, Mars City Design, Ximena Caminos and Majora Carter: these are some of the headliners of the sixth edition of Utopian Hours — the first international festival of city making in Italy.
Three days of placemaking, visions, debates, workshops and urban innovation.
Immagini della Location Nuvola Lavazza
Immagini della Location Nuvola Lavazza
Workshop 51N4E
Majora Carter
Mostra "A World of 8 Billion Cities"
Amanda Burden
Workshop 51N4E
Scott Francisco
Pubblico di Utopian Hours 2022
Mostra "A WORLD of 8 Billion Cities"
Workshop 51N4E
Robert Stephens
Urbano magazine alla
Mostra "Utopian Heroes"
Mostra "Lo Spazio è Pubblico" al Precollinear Park
Alizé Carrère
Future Cities alla Urbanite's Fair
Jorn Wemmerhove di Humankind
Workshop 51N4E
alla Urbanite's Fair
Pubblico di Utopian Hours 2022
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