Carlo Ratti: only dense and intense cities will prevail

Carlo Ratti: only dense and intense cities will prevail

The magnetic force of cities isn’t under discussion. These are Carlo Ratti’s words — among the protagonists of the global debate on the use of new technologies in the urban field.
How are our huge cities and small towns restarting after a year and a half of global pandemic? How can big data help us reactivate sociality and those collective rituals threatened by Covid-19?
In the vision of one of the world’s most important urban planners, cities undoubtedly continue to be the centre of progress and development.
Exporting the “urban spirit” is a possibility, but it is the physical dimension of the city —its ability to inspire, engage and create— that makes it the most extraordinary of human inventions.
Carlo Ratti’s talk closes Utopian Hours 2021, challenging the theme that inspired the 5th edition of the festival: is the city really everywhere?

Sunday 10/10

h 19.45




45 min



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