Hong Kong. Helping the homeless through kindness

Hong Kong. Helping the homeless through kindness

A gesture of kindness is at the heart of ImpactHK, Jeff Rotmeyer's project for Hong Kong's homeless. The initiative offers shelter and opportunity to people in need, but first and foremost empathy - convinced of the power of an act of friendship and connection to transform people's lives.
ImpactHK strives to offer a better chance for life to those who make the streets their home, through rehabilitation and integration into the urban social fabric.
The approach behind ImpactHK’s success is the empathy that drives youth and seniors to support the homeless, offering them first and foremost a human connection, a person they can trust, a new friend. For example, through the Kindness Walks, periodic walks in which they distribute comfort items and thus establish a personal dialogue.
Starting out as a simple initiative, in 2017 Jeff Rotmeyer grew his project into one of the most active socially impacting charities in the former British colony of China. Thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers, the association manages to assist individuals and expand its philosophy on the ground, promoting the very concept of philanthropy.
This complex and ambitious process is what Rotmeyer and the large group of volunteers believe in. A holistic method that integrates therapy, financial advice, nutritional advice, physical activity, language courses and the search for job opportunities, aimed at going beyond welfarism to develop a process of educating the individual, of “citizen making”.
A special guest at the Utopian Hours 2021 festival with whom we will discuss approaches and virtuous models to create a more equitable and inclusive city, through the exploration of ImpactHK’s innovative bottom-up “citizen making” process — as the Torino Stratosferica’s team likes to call it.

Saturday 9/10

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Jeff Rotmeyer

Founder of ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation
Hong Kong (HK)

Philanthropist and founder of the charities ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation, Jeff Rotmeyer is a prominent voice amongst the efforts for social inclusion in Hong Kong.

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