Welcome to “Talsinki”: two cities, one centre

Welcome to “Talsinki”: two cities, one centre

Breakfast in Tallinn and then off to work in Helsinki. The entrepreneur behind the Angry Birds game now dreams of creating a tunnel with zero-emission trains to get between the two Baltic capitals in less than half an hour. The name of the visionary project: Finest Bay Area.
The two capitals divided by the Baltic Sea have never been closer.
Famous for his viral Angry Birds game, the Finnish developer was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2011. 
Founder of Finest Bay Area, the ambitious entrepreneur envisages that the two edges of Europe could be connected by zero-emission trains by 2025. Peter, our guest at Utopian Hour 2021, will talk about how this project will revolutionize rail mobility and routes not only in the North but in Europe as a whole.

Saturday 9/10

h 19.00




45 min



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Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur & Founder of Finest Bay Area
Espoo (Finland)

After years in the tech industry, the Finnish entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka rose to fame for the viral mobile game Angry Birds. Now, he proposes to transform Tallinn and Helsinki into a single metropolitan area thanks to a tunnel.

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