H22: shaping together the future of cities

H22: shaping together the future of cities

Helsingborg, an ambitious city in the south of Sweden, is preparing to host its own international exhibition: H22 City Expo will run for 35 days and gather new solutions for smarter cities. Among the most active supporters is IKEA.
Helsingborg has just over one hundred thousand inhabitants, a few kilometres of sea divide it from Denmark on the other side of the strait. In order to renew itself and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, in 2022 it will organise an international event dedicated to urban innovation and involving the whole city in the process: we are talking about H22 Expo City – The Making of a Smarter City.
To find out more, Utopian Hours meets Soraya Axelsson, the city official and innovation strategist leading the project. The fair is actually a tradition for Helsingborg, which has already featured H55 and then H99, both events dedicated to architecture and technology. This time the ambitions are even higher.
H22 aims to be a living laboratory, a testbed in which to explore ideas with a positive effect on the community, and thus a long-term investment in the vitality of the area. To make it happen, the city is involving citizens, local realities and private individuals in a collective effort that sees the commitment of IKEA as partner and co-creator – an involvement that opens up reflection on the relationship between large companies and city-making.
With Soraya Axelsson we will discuss the challenges that the urban species will have to face in the next decades, listening to her opinion on the solutions and strategies to adopt. A stimulus for all city lovers to move towards the future of cities with optimism. On the other hand, as Axelsson says, “If you want to make change, the only way to do it, is to get started”.

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Soraya Axelsson

Head of H22
Helsingborg (Sweden)

Head of the urban services department of Helsingborg between 2013 and 2018, Soraya Axelsson leads the activities of H22 — The Making of a Smarter City.

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