Open Collectives

Open Collectives

New Platforms and Communities for the 1000-Minute City

The many failures of both the public- and private sectors during the pandemic led city inhabitants to take matters into their own hands. The overnight flourishing of mutual aid networks, for example, demonstrated how local coordination was possible even amidst lockdowns and fears of contagion.

These networks are prime examples of “open collectives” — a subject explored at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale. Unlike past communes and cooperatives such as Israeli kibbutzim, today’s open collectives blend physical communities and digital tools and networks to complement their strengths.

This session brings together four practitioners working along the physical-digital spectrum to imagine new architectures and networks for care, work, and solidarity: Rafi Segal (MIT Future Urban Collectives Lab); Marisa Morán Jahn (Carehaus); Mercedes Bidart (Quipu), and Irene López de Vallejo (DisCOs).


Saturday 9/10

h 15.15




45 min



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