The man who created the High Line

The man who created the High Line

It is the most famous redevelopment project in the world. It has changed the image of New York. Robert Hammond, one of the first two High Line developers, shares with Utopian Hours the history and life of the two kilometres of elevated railway that have seen a rebirth as a linear park and became a symbol of the city.
Robert Hammond, creator of the High Line together with Joshua David, has turned a simple grassroots project into a New York City-supported initiative. As a guest at Utopian Hours 2021, he will help us discover how local activism can make a difference in city-making.
A green strip with over 500 species of plants and trees. But also a public space that hosts cultural and recreational events, performances and community activities all year round – open to all and always free of charge. It’s not just its unique shape that makes the High Line more than an ordinary urban park: here you can stroll through the gardens, admire works of art, attend a performance, enjoy delicious food or socialise with friends and neighbours. All of this in a unique setting from which to observe new landscapes and breathtaking views of the Big Apple.
After decades of neglect, inspired by the potential of this infrastructure, Joshua David and Robert Hammond founded Friends of the High Line – a non-profit association that still takes care of this original space for socialising and sharing, supported almost exclusively by donations from citizens and residents.
In parallel with the dialogue on the High Line, Torino Stratosferica is proposing the exhibition Linear Parks & Waterfronts, which can be visited on the Regina Margherita Bridge inside the Precollinear Park, to discover the most relevant projects for the enhancement of urban spaces.

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Robert Hammond

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Friends of the High Line
New York (USA)

Together with Joshua David, Robert Hammond is co-founder and executive director of Friends of the High Line, the non-profit organization that is in charge of the maintenance, upkeep and cultural programming of the “railway” public park of New York.

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