Visiting Urban Explorer #3 – Justyna Król

Visiting Urban Explorer #3 – Justyna Król

Utopian Hours invites foreign experts and authors, renowned for their work on cities, to discover Turin for the first time. After the days spent exploring, each one shares their ideas for making the city stratospheric. An experiment within an experiment, with the aim of broadening our view of what is around us.
For the first edition of its festival, Torino Stratosferica drew inspiration from the idea of artistic residencies to devise a programme of exploration of the city by experts or enthusiasts of urban issues from other countries. These are the Visiting Urban Explorers.
During the first days of her stay, Justyna Król will visit the city on her own, freely, without contact or advice from the organisers.
Before leaving, she will share her impressions and suggestions, whether they are simple perceptions of the spirit of the place or real suggestions for development.
What will have struck her? Which opportunities will she find? Which projects or intuitions to improve the city? An original experience, with surprises and intuitions, to enrich the reflection from an international perspective.

Sunday 10/10

h 14.00




30 min



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Justyna Król

Founder, Urban Workshop
Warsaw (Poland)

Justyna Król is the founder and CEO of Urban Workshop (Black Elephant), a Polish laboratory for urban futures. A multi-awarded expert on urban development and social innovation, she studies trends and processes that will influence cities by 2050.

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