Workshop #2 — Urban Resiliency

Workshop #2 — Urban Resiliency

Workshop with Catarina Heeckt and Philipp Rode (LSE Cities)

This workshop will be hosted by Catarina Heeckt and Philipp Rode from LSE Cities, a world-renowned research centre based at the London School of Economics and Political Science dedicated to the study of the social, spatial and environmental complexities of the 21st century city.

The first part of the workshop will focus on the concrete interventions that can help to accelerate the transition towards more environmentally sustainable cities, and how we can move from ideal to reality when it comes to policies that support a climate safe urban future. This part of the workshop will highlight examples of inspiring interventions and transformative policies from cities around the world, and discuss the potential of similar actions in Turin.

Subsequently, participants will be divided into four groups that will move from the ‘what?’ to the ‘how?’ of urban climate action in Turin by developing concrete action plans across the following four themes:

  • Transforming mobility
  • Retrofitting buildings
  • Green and blue infrastructure
  • Rethinking food systems

Taking a collectively agreed and perhaps still utopian vision of the future of Turin as a point of departure, each of the groups will spend the next three hours working together to identify concrete policy instruments and governance reforms that could help to achieve the desired goal, think through the individual implementation steps required to get there, explore potential political, institutional, cultural, financial and technical barriers and how these might be overcome, and map the relationship between key stakeholders that will need to work together to drive change.

Throughout the workshop, there will be a mix of working in small groups and presenting interim decisions to the wider group for feedback and discussion.


Sunday 10/10

h 10.00




3 h




Philipp Rode

Executive Director, LSE Cities
London (United Kingdom)

Philipp Rode directs the cutting-edge research centre LSE Cities at the London School of Economics, where he teaches City Design.

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Catarina Heeckt

Policy Fellow, LSE Cities
London (United Kingdom)

Catarina Heeckt is a Policy Fellow at LSE Cities. She works on policy-oriented research projects that inform and influence decision-making, particularly in relation to sustainable mobility, low-carbon urban development and urban governance.

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