News, voices and proposals from cities around the world

The festival guests — 2022

Architects / Arya Arabshahi & Dieter Leyssen
Brussels (Belgium)

National Geographic Explorer, researcher and filmmaker
Miami (USA)

Principal / Bloomberg Associates
New York (USA)

Ceo and Founder di Base Milano, Accapiù e(h)Films
Milano (Italia)

Program Director / Italvolt
Milan (Italy)

Chairman of the Department of Economics / Harvard University
New York (USA)

 General and Cultural Director / BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano
Milan (Italy)

Co-founder / Jorn Wemmenhove
Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Antropologa urbana e Founder / THINK.Urban
Philadelphia (USA)

Head of Sustainability & Communication e Chairman del Sustainable Innovation Committee / COIMA SGR
Milan (Italia)

Founder / Matri-Archi(tecture)
Johannesburg (South Africa)

Co-founder / ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Founder & CEO / Italvolt
Lulea (Svezia)

Founder / Tomorrow's Thoughts Today
Brisbane (Australia)

Saggista, critico e storico dell'architettura
Roma (Italia)

Founder / Majora Carter Group
New York (USA)

Paris (France)

Direttrice del MUEDC (Museo delle Culture)
Milano (Italia)

Urbanist & "Rocketeer" / MIT Media Lab
Boston (USA)

Activist / Berlin Autofrei
Berlin (Germany)

Senior consultant / Decisio
Torino (Italia)

Deputy Mayor / Comune di Milano
Milano (Italy)

Architect and author
Mumbai (India)

Co-founder / Cities4Forests
Montreal (Canada)

Co-founder / Brussels Beer Project
Bruxelles (Belgium)

Sindaco di Torino
Torino (Italia)

President /Fondazione Milano
Milano (Italy)

Founder, Chief Marschitect / Mars City Design
Los Angeles (USA)

Founder / The ReefLine
Miami (USA)
The first city making festival in Italy

For all city lovers

Utopian Hours is the one festival that tells stories about “making cities”: the ideas, projects and places that life improving scenarios in the cities across the world.

For three days the festival gives voice to the protagonists of these changes: city makers, activists, architects and innovators share their experience, stimulating new visions of Turin’s future and a reflection on the concept of the city.

A new vision of the urban future.
With A World of 8 Billion Cities Utopian Hours concludes the contemporary trilogy on the shape and image of the city that started in 2020 with ‘The City at Stake’ and continued in 2021 with ‘The 1000-minute City’.

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We are back at Centrale Lavazza!

Once again this year the Utopian Hours festival will take place in person at Centrale della Nuvola Lavazza. Torino Stratosferica will provide a safe and comfortable environment that will allow the public and guests to enjoy the event in the best possible way.

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