Brussels Beer Project

Brussels Beer Project

In 2013, a new brewery was born in the heart of Brussels thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Today, the Brussels Beer Project participates in the transformation of the Belgian capital.
Since its birth in the multicultural heart of the capital, the Brussels Beer Project has impressed with its entrepreneurial spirit and vision, which has enabled it to be among the best breweries in the craft beer sector in Belgium today.
But what can a brewery tell at Utopian Hours?
In 2022, the Brussels Beer Project inaugurated Port Sud, the city’s largest brewery with its 1,000 square metres of space overlooking the canal that connects Anderlecht to the city centre. A space that has been given new life in response to a call from the city to regenerate that area.
The transformation of the area brings with it criticism, as is often the case when private companies set up shop in areas that are not very touristy. But Port Sud has been undergoing a process of change for 10 years now.
At Utopian hours the founders of the Brussels Beer Project tell us about the ingredients for contributing positively to the development of a changing city. Those of their beers remain a secret to be discovered!


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Sébastien Morvan

Co-founder / Brussels Beer Project
Bruxelles (Belgium)

Sébastien is the co-founder of Brussels Beer Project, an innovative Belgian craft brewery that is contributing to the transformation of a part of the Belgian capital.

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