Vision from Torino Stratosferica (Exhibition at Precollinear Park)

The Torino Stratosferica “collection” will soon be renewed with new visionary images about the future of the city and its places. The exhibition, which currently displays all 30 images taken so far, can already be freely visited at the Precollinear Park bridge (Regina Margherita bridge), where it will remain on display for the days following the festival.

For over five years Torino Stratosferica has been collecting proposals, interventions and simple provocations for the future of the city.

Edition after edition, the exhibition Visioni da Torino Stratosferica transforms the ideas that emerged during our collective meetings into images: they are scenarios from a possible Turin, suspended between pure fantasy and real opportunities.

To make them concrete, every year Torino Stratosferica involves architectural firms based in Turin, called to give strength to the urban imagination through the immediacy of images. In their renderings the Dorazzi (the Murazzi on the Dora) come into being, the spa at Palazzo del Lavoro, or a Turin with 12 skyscrapers (for a large urban meridian around the Mole).

What will the 10 new visions presented be?

This year the exhibition awaits you at Precollinear Park, where it will remain open from September 19, 2020 until the days following the festival. While waiting for new images, everyone can freely look at the 30 visions already realized on the Regina Margherita bridge, in the initial stretch of the park created by Torino Stratosferica (find out more here about the association’s first placemaking intervention).

In previous editions Torino Stratosferica has collaborated with architects from Archisbang, BLA Architettura, Carlo Ratti Associati, Civico 13, Elastico, Frlan+Jansen, Raimondo Guidacci, LSB, Subhash Mukerjee, PAT design, PlaC, R3 Architetti, SCEG, Studioata, Studio Doppio, Tra, Unduo, F.: L Architetti, Picco Architetti, MG2 Architetture, FattoreQ, Nicola Russo & Roberto Pagnano, Labdia, IF, LeapFactory, Goodfor, Lamatilde, BDR Bureau, Follow The Architect, FWstudio, Emanuele Zaniboni, Enrico Giurbino, Gianluca Basile, Luca Viscardi.

(Image: Vertical farming at Torino Esposizione. Idea by Davide Gomba. Project by  2Mix*archistudio. Photo by Michele D’Ottavio)

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