From London, the Place Making Avant-garde

From London, the Place Making Avant-garde

"Memorable places that surprise & delight." Their payoff already has it all: Studio Egret West chooses Milan to tell the story of their pioneering approaches to place making, and to unveil an inspiring in-house management model.

The names of David West and Christophe Egret —founders of the firm of the same name— are behind some of the best known and most spectacular urban regeneration projects in the UK and further afield —Earls Court, Smithfield, Lewisham and The Old Vinyl Factory in London; Mayfield and Holt Town in Manchester; Digbeth and Arden Cross in Birmingham; Southbank in Bratislava— just to name a few.

The symbiosis of architecture, landscape and urbanism, strategy with specificity, storytelling, serendipity and soul: these are some of the core concepts that guide the work of a firm that is contributing to the multi layered, transformation of cities around the world.

In addition to being at the vanguard of place making, Studio Egret West has chosen to be ahead of the times also in the way it manages its business model. In fact, since 2020 the firm has been an Employee Ownership Trust, that is, a company in which the majority shareholders are the employees.

David West—an energetic, creative and engaging urbanist— will be at Utopian Hours / Milan Edition to inspire architects, landscape architects, designers, urban planners and developers. From the youngest to the most experienced. A truly unmissable talk.


30 maggio 2024





30 min




David West

Founding Director / Studio Egret West
London (UK)

David West is co-founder of Studio Egret West, the firm behind some of the UK's best-known and most spectacular urban development projects

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