When the City Saves a Forest

When the City Saves a Forest

More certified wood in the city. More power to the communities that care for the forests. The Cities4Forests model combines two opposite ecosystems to support both. So tropical iroko arrives on your park benches. A platform that already unites more than 70 cities, including Turin.
From the city to the forest: how to relate these two ecosystems? This is what Cities4Forests, the only global platform uniting 73 cities in the world -including Turin- with the common objective of integrating forests into urban development plans, is concerned with.
The commitment of this international network stems from a realisation: the well-being of cities and citizens is increasingly linked to the health of forests. From rainforests to city parks, concentrations of greenery bring enormous benefits to urban areas: improved air and water quality, climate resilience, biodiversity.
The Cities4Forests contribution is a real one, intended to overcome the rhetoric that often characterises the discourse on climate change. Indeed, cities that join the programme receive significant technical and economic support to develop projects capable of making an environmental impact. Scott Francisco, co-founder of the organisation, will tell us how this unique reality works, anticipating the interventions that Cities4Forest will carry out in Turin together with Stratosferica.


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Scott Francisco

Co-founder / Cities4Forests
Montreal (Canada)

Co-founder of the Cities4Forests global network, Scott Francisco is the Founder and Director of the Pilot Projects Design Collective, a design strategy firm based in Montreal and New York City.

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