Data Reloaded. Meet the MIT Media Lab

Data Reloaded. Meet the MIT Media Lab

Markus ElKatsha guides us through the interconnected city, where data plays an ever-increasing social and political role. After years of smart cities, how do we turn data analysis into real benefits for everyone?
Dealing with cities means dealing with complex mechanisms and unexpected changes of scenery: the global challenges facing the urban world will be increasingly difficult to ignore. We need to be prepared and make use now of the potential that new technologies make available to us.
The MIT Media Lab’s City Science is especially concerned to address these challenges, with a special focus on data urbanism: how will the cities of the future function? How can we use data analysis to produce positive impacts in urban policies?
Markus ElKatsha, a member of the team formed within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offers us his authoritative point of view to get to the heart of the concept of the interconnected city. A highly contemporary research work in which data become tools with a decisive social and political role. At Utopian Hours 2022 insights, suggestions and strategic visions from one of the world’s most cutting-edge research centres.


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Markus ElKatsha

Urbanist & "Rocketeer" / MIT Media Lab
Boston (USA)

Markus ElKatsha is an architect and urban planner and a member of the MIT Media Lab's CityScience research group. His work? Bringing together data urbanism and political strategies to improve the cities of the future.

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