Sustainable City Making and Tropical Forest Conservation

Sustainable City Making and Tropical Forest Conservation

They may be thousands of kilometres apart, but the health of cities and the well-being of forests are strongly connected. And that’s why they can help each other.
Cities4forests —an international network that includes more than eighty cities in the world— was created with this purpose: to bring opposite worlds into direct contact, with concrete benefits for both ecosystems. 
This network provides timber from certified and legal supply chain to municipalities and placemakers in order to create new green and sustainable public space in cities: parks, third spaces, new spots always open to the community 
Scott Francisco —architect and co-founder of Cities4Forests— will be at Utopian Hours Miami to discuss the organisation’s work and its unique approach that wants to give concrete solutions to climate change. 


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Scott Francisco

Co-founder / Cities4Forests
Montreal (Canada)

Co-founder of the Cities4Forests global network, Scott Francisco is the Founder and Director of the Pilot Projects Design Collective, a design strategy firm based in Montreal and New York City.

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