The Festival

“A World of 8 Billion Cities” is the theme of the sixth edition of Utopian Hours, the international festival of city making organised by Stratosferica.

With “A World of 8 Billion Cities” a new vision of the urban future will bring to an end the contemporary trilogy on the shape and image of the city started in 2020 with “The City at Stake” and continued in 2021 with “The 1000-minute City”.
Starting from our first edition in 2017, the festival, organised gives a voice to the people behind these changes: city makers, activists, architects and innovators share their experiences, stimulating new visions for the future of Turin and thoughts on the concept of city itself.

Utopian Hours

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Torino Stratosferica is a city-imaging project: a collective laboratory that wants to experience the creative power of urban imagination and the impact of visionary ideas on the city.

If we could change Turin, what would we do?