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Utopian Hours 2023. Manifesto for a New City Making

Utopian Hours launches a manifesto for a new city making that introduces new concepts and invites guests and audience to suggest keywords for a new way of conceiving human evolution.
“The Utopian Hours festival is polished, highly efficient, diverse, and friendly.” —Design Observer


Starting from our first edition in 2017, the festival, organised gives a voice to the people behind these changes: city makers, activists, architects and innovators share their experiences, stimulating new visions for the future of Turin and thoughts on the concept of city itself.
Read the Manifesto.

Utopian Hours

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Torino Stratosferica is a city-imaging project: a collective laboratory that wants to experience the creative power of urban imagination and the impact of visionary ideas on the city.

If we could change Turin, what would we do?