Feminist City & Bottom Up Activation in Philadelphia

Feminist City & Bottom Up Activation in Philadelphia

“Look around, it's all made by men”
Philadelphia-based urban ethnographer, Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman is committed to putting this statement in crisis. Her method is based on on-field investigation and direct observation of public space: movement, modes of socialisation, interaction with architecture — which is why she calls herself a professional people-watcher.
To bring a feminist vision to urban planning Johnston-Zimmerman is active with the consultancy THINK.urban and also as co-founder of Women Led Cities, an organisation that brings together female professionals to spread more inclusive forms of urban design.
How much space do women have in city making today? How do gender, design and place interact? Johnston-Zimmerman will attend Utopian Hours Miami Edition to give some answers to these crucial questions.


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30 min


30 min


Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

Founder / THINK.Urban
Philadelphia (USA)

Urban anthropologist and professional “people watcher”, Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman is the founder of THINK.urban

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